Looks phishy to me 🤔

Phishing attempts are the most common way that hackers get your confidential information like passwords and bank account numbers. So I made a friendly email address to which you can forward sketchy emails (for free) and it tells you whether the email is a phishing scam 🎣📩.

Testimonial 01
"I love how easy to use this is. Perfect for quick checks and also great for those who might be less tech-savvy."
Eamon Ronan - Trainee Technical Consultant, Giveclarity.org
Testimonial 02
"Send any email you suspect is a bit phishy to this site, and within 2 minutes you'll get a report back. No excuse for sending all your hard-earned cash to a strange prince."
Matt Rutherford - Author, Stuff that MattR’s
Testimonial 03
"Just forwarded a strange email to isthisphishy, and got a reply back almost immediately - wonderful."
Sorum Panchal - Software Developer, WarnerMedia

Security Statement

What data do we store and for how long?

Your email address and all emails you send us are auto-deleted from our servers after 7 days. After that, no one, not even IsThisPhishy, can read them.


Forward an email to [email protected] and try it out now


See a suspicious email

Got a weird email, but not sure what to do?

Forward the email to [email protected]

Click "Forward", send it to us, and we can analyze it for you right away.

Get a response in under 2 minutes


Rest easy

You'll never have to worry about phishy emails again.